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"Mobsters love to eat.They eat while planning crimes and they eat after commiting crimes. And when there are no crimes, they eat while they are waiting for them to happen."-Joseph'Joe Dogs'Iannuzzi. Mobsters do love to eat, it's all about the Italian culture. A lot of them are comfort eaters, eating when they feel guilty after cheeting on there wife again, or if they've just had someone whacked. A capo will usually hold a big meal for his crew once a week or something like that. John Gotti held one evry wednesday for his crew at the Ravenite social club, he would open the windows so the smell of all the fresh pasta sauce, sausages and sphagetti wafted into the FBI surveilance van where two feds would be eating there tuna sandwiches. Wiseguys hold meeting over lunch or dinner, they meet each other at a bar or cafe where they tuck into plates of pasta or pizza. In the Francis Ford Coppla film The Godfather, Micheal Corleone meets Virgil Sollozo and the corrupt police man, cpt.McCluskey at an Italian retaraunt where thye order veal and spahgetti, micheal gos to the bathroom and returns with an untraceble pistol ready to load there bodys full of lead. In the james Cagney film Public Enemy, Cagney violently squeezes half a grapefruit into the face of his moll, shouting at her, after that cagney was allways presented with half a grapefruit at a restaraunt. In the film Goodfellas, The wiseguys get sent to prison. In there cell there is meat, fish, wine, beer, tomatoes, pasta, everything for cooking, they use a razor to cut the garlic, and they cut it so thin that it liquifires when it hits the oil in the pan. So if you wanna be a real wiseguy, your gonna have to know how to cook like one, here some recipies you should know.




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