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Here is a selection of Drinks served at the Giovanni Brothers Social Club, but if you want a cappucino in the afternoon then don't count on being served.

Dry Martini- A real classic, 3 parts Gin, to 1 part Dry Vermouth, shaken or stirred, and served in a cocktail glass with and olive and a lemon twist.
Godfather- A drink for a real godfather, Half Amaretto and half of your choice of Scotch or Bourbon.
Dry White Rablieri- One of my very own concoctions, a measure of dry vermouth, a measure of Gin, topped with soda, and garnished with a twist.
Goodfellas- 1 measure of scotch, 1 mesure of lime juice topped with soda
Sex on the beach- 1 measure of southern comfort, 1 measure of vodka, topped with pinnaple and orange juice, with grenadine dripped slowly thtough the center