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20,30Gs, If only this was some1 elses wedding

If you wanna be a big earner, get noticed by the bosses, maybe even get made one day, then your gonna have to know how to bring in the dough. This guide should show you how.

You get up and go to the club, or the store, or whether you hang out and do buissness during the day. You get your buisness running, You sit around Bullshitting with your crew and runnig your daily operation. You usually sit around playing cards or drinking coffee and smoking ciggarettes or cigars. You talk about what scores your gonna pull off next, what house your gonna burgal, what truck your gonna hijack, or what store your gonna shake down. If your head of a crew, you'll have sit downs with your crew(some of them are connected, and some are low level made guys), give Oks on scores they wanna pull, and you should encourage them to pull more scores, as this means more tribute for you. at the end of the day you get all the money youve made and you go see your boss, you give him 10 percent of your dough, but don't under cut him, cos you might find your self in a river or a hole.

You didn't see nuttin, we didn't see nuttin

garbage disposal racket

Hijacking, Grand Theft Auto, and robbery