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Loan Sharking


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Loan Sharking runs along side gambling, and often a bookie or a card sharp is also a Loan Shark, or Shylock. All you need is a bundle of money, muscle, a degenerate gambler, prospective investor, drug addict or just a guy in need of money.

Start off by getting some capitol to invest, then get your self set up with some clients, if your already into gambling, or protection, or something of that sort then your already half way there. If youre a Loan Shark then you don't need to know why the guy needs money, not every detail, you have no limit to what he can borrow, and the guy doesnt have to fill out any forms, He just asks for the money and you give it to him. For example, A guy in the garment industry, which has always been run by the New York Mafia, needs $50,000, so the next morning you take the money to him and give it to him. You charge the guy 2% or 2 points, $1,000 a week, just to keep it, and you give him a certain time, say 3 months when he has to pay it back. Now the guy is running out of cash on this project he needed the money for. So one week he can't pay the money, so you add it to the money he has already borrowed, and charge him interest, (or as its known in the Mafia, vigorish or vig), on that as well, so now he owes you $51,000 and he's paying you $1,020 a week Vig. So finally the 3 months has come to an end, with his late payment and the added Vig he has paid you $12,240, and he owes you $51,000. You go to meet him but he only has $11,000, so your like "Where's My fucking money?", and he's sweating and saying "I'm sorry, the project didn't come up with the money we expected". But this isn't wall street where if no money is made out of your investment you don't get anything back, so you send a couple of guys over to pay him a little visit. Now if it works and they come back with the remaining $40,000, then every things smooth, but if they don't, you find another way of getting money. The guy might have a really nice sports car, so you force him to sing it over to you and then sell it, no good you only got $15,000 for it, so now you still need $25,000. The guy has a little garment business, you become a partner, his business is worth $100,000 so you take over 25% of his business. Then you bust it out (see bust out, related links).