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You start off with a guy who owes you money or needs your service, for example he owes you money, or he wants your presence in his business for protection, so you become a silent partner in his business. Your name doesn't go on any papers, so legally your not his partner, but you still get a taste of the profits. Say this guy is in the garment business, so youre a partner in his clothes store, you get him to give you a no-show job such as a Sales man or something, so he pays you $400 a week for doing nothing. You can also move your own people in. So Your man Vinnie is out after doing 10 in rikers island and needs to show the parole board that he has a job, you get him a no-show job. This guy has to come up with the money other wise you'll have no choice but to kill him. Now the guy has a credit rating, so you can buy loads of stuff that no one pays for, he's in the garment business so you can get suits, furs, jewellery, anything, it gets delivered to the front door and gets taken out the back and into your truck. You then sell it at a discount price on the street, to other stores, or use it to set up your own joint. You can then go and add an imaginary check-out, say he has 10 check-outs, you add an 11th, so a $300 Brioni suit goes through, all the money goes to you, and he's the one who pays for it. Soon you've bled the place dry and theirs nothing left, the guy has no money, no stock, he's bankrupt. So you hire a couple of guys to burn his place down and collect on the insurance. You can do this with any business, a bar, car sales place, factory, restaurant, it doesn't matter, how big or small the place is, just bleed them dry until theirs nothing left, Its like robbing the place with out a gun.