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Mafia Family Structure


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Every Familie has a structure, a ranking.

Don- Head of the family. The Big Boss.


Consigliere- The family advisor. Now, usually an attorney.


Capo Bistone- the underboss, 2nd in command, The Big Bosses Right hand man


Capo, capogrime, capodecima- captain or lieutenant, head of a crew of about 10 or more soldiers


Sgarrista- A soldier, any money they make, about 50% of it goes to the Capo, then 10-50% of that goes to the Don. Soldiers can and do make side scores, with their boss's permission and give him about 10% of the take. This is called "tribute".


Picotto- A lower ranking soldier


Giovani D'Honore- A associate who has not been made