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On this page, you will learn how to walk the walk, and talk the talk. Just don't go around being another empty suit. Use it with discretion.

Big Buks
For Me! Awh Joey, You shouldn't have

Making Money, Rackets and scores

if you wanna start bringing in the big Buck$, then I suggest you read this section on how to make money the Family way.

Mob speak- Talk like the Mafia talk


You gotta look sharp, look at young henry showing of his new duds to his mum

Welcome to the family!

Getting Made

When the time comes, and if youve got what it takes, you could be getting made. But you gotta know how to act and what to do, So you don't show no disrespect and get your self Whacked.

Learn how to cook like Paulie for the crew

Mob Recipes- learn how to eat like a mobster

gun totter

Track em and whack em, Mr.G's Family talent hit site


Ride In style, Caddies, Lincons, limos, Nothing under 50 g'S

Cadillacs, A lot of room in the boot for a stiff or two

The limited underworld edition, Cadillac d'benhurst.

The Double Diamond Limo Service


Cufflinks, With desings of famous wiseguys


Rings,Chains,gold watches, All of the back of a truck

new oreleans pinkie rings


Nick name generator, all wiseguys must have a suitable nicname, just fill out the form and get your name