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You got a shylock with a beef because you haven't paid your juice? He tell you he's going to whack you, or that you will to have a debt counseling session with some guys? You don't know what he's talking about? Well, then you shouldn't have been messing there in the first place, but listen up and I'll let you in on some of the lingo.

Capo- Captain, Head Of about 10 soldiers.

Commission- The Commission is a group of heads of families from all over the country.
Consiglieri- The Dons Personel advisor or counselor. He Is always Sicilian and a made member.

Don- The Boss of a Family, the most powerful man in the family.

Capo Di Tutti Capi- Meaning Boss Of All Bosses. The most powerful Don In a City or region.

Pop, Clip, Burn, Hit, Whack, Ice, Bump off, Rub Out or Break an egg- Kill

Give A message- A dead animal or friend killed in such a way as to convey a message to the person you are trying to get it across to. You'r best friend shot five times through the mouth and dumped on your doorstep means "It's time to shut up now"

Vig or Vigorish- The Money owed to the mob.

ShyLock or Loan Shark- A buisness where money is lended and paid back at atrocious rates of interest, if the money is not paid back then the art of persuasion is used.

Golden days- The days before RICO

Wiseguy, goodfella, hood, hoodlum- A gangster

Made- Some one who has been initiated Into The Mafia. They take the Omerta in a blood oath in front of God and those present. The Omerta is binding until death.

Omerta- The Mafia vow of silence, anyone who breaks this vow is punished by death.

Beef- A complaint, If you have a complaint, then you have to talk it over with the boss who will decide whether you can whack him or not at a sit-down.

sit-down - A Mob Meeting

Bread, Sugar, Cabbage, moolah - money

Hard- Case - Mob Lawyer

Screw- Cop

Operation, Racket- An illegal business

Rat, Stoolie, Canary, Stool pigeon, Snitch- A mob Informer. Da Canary could sing but he couldnt fly- Frank Costello after having mob informer Abe Reles thrown Out Of The Half Moon Hotel

Hitting the mattresses- Going to war with a rival family.
This term comes from the practice of finding several apartments or houses to rent in out of the way places and filling them with mattresses so wiseguys can sleep there when they aren't out doing their job.

Hush Money- A bribe

Contract on, Marked- someone the mob wants dead

Zip- Mafiosi Immigrated from Sicilian

Turk- Young new line of Mafiosi

Moustache Petes- Old line of Mafiosi's

Roscoe, Rod, Piece, Heat- Gun

Puttanti, Hooker, whore- Prostitute

Hook- Hijack

Swag, Fell off a truck- Stolen Items

Half Assed wiseguy, connected, associate- Someone who is note a made guy but hangs round, and does business with the wiseguys

Wop, Goombah, dago, guinie- an Italian

Cafone- Italian for Clown, an embarrassment to the mob.

Big Earner- Someone who brings in a lot of money for the mob

Joint- Legitimate business of a mobster.

Compare- Other wiseguy

Coumare- Mistress of a wiseguy

Borgarta- A small gang of petty half-assed wiseguys
Infamita- Disrespect
The Arm- Buffalo crime family of Cosa Nostra.

B&E- breaking and entering.

Banana Race- a fixed horse race

Bag man- a conveyor of money.

Biscuit- a gun.

Boosters-smalltime street theives.

Bust Out- to bankrupt.
Cooler- a stacked deck of cards.

Cool-off Man- accomplice in a crooked gambling game who calms down a heavy looser.
Enforcer- a hoodlum who beats or kills for his superior.

Envelope- a cash payment.
Fence- one who specializes in handling stolen merchandise.

Finger- to mark for murder; to inform on.

Friend of mine- used in introductions. Denotes the person is vouched for. This is the next level for a connected guy.

Friend of ours- used in introductions. Denotes the person is a part of a family. see made

Fugazi- a fake or couterfiet.

Gaff- a phoney.
Losing your shirt- If someone loses there shirt, it means they lose alot of money betting on sports events.
You gotta break a few eggs to make an omellate- Underworld saying. Meaning you have to kill a few people to make a lot of money.