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Salvatore Lucania

A.K.A 'Charlie 'Luciano' 'Lucky'



If it weren't for Luciano The Mafia wouldn't be the multi-billion corporation it is today, Luciano went from a petty thief to The most powerful boss in the New York Mafia, He became so powerful that even the U.S army needed his help in world War II.

Luciano was born Salvatore Lucania but changed his name to Luciano because he feared he would disgrace his family, and re-christened himself Charlie because he hated his name because people called him Sal, which he thought was a Girl's name. Charlie was born in a village near Palermo in Sicily in a large and poor Family, in 1906 his mother took in laundry for a tiny income. His first taste of crime was when he was at elementary school where he offered little Jewish Kids protection and beat them if they refused, one little Jewish kid was Meyer Lansky one of his future friends in crime,

Lansky: You can shove your protection up your ass

Luciano: OK, OK, you can have protection for free

Lansky: I don't need your Fucking Protection

"From that moment it was as if we was brothers" Luciano is reported to of said. Soon he got an after school job delivering hats for a Jewish hat maker, who showed him how to smuggle heroin under the brims, In 1907 he got arrested for drug smuggling, and his Father banished him from the Family, but his mother still loved him and smuggled him jars of her home-made pasta sauce the one thing he missed. He rented his own apartment, and formed his own Borgarta, In it there were some of the Mafia's biggest players, Frank Costello, Geanto 'Tommy (Three Fingers) Brown' Luchesse, Vito Genovese, and Albert Anastasia. In 1915 they joined Brooklyn's 5 points gang, run buy the later Chicago boss Johnny Torrio. This is where he met players such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, and Joe Adonis, he later set up a prostitution racket with Adonis. In 1920 he joined Giuseppe' Joe The Boss' Maserria, It was in The Masserria Family that Lucky was made. Charlie Started as a soldier, Running Brothels, smuggling bootleg booze, and making bootleg, By 1925 Luciano was Maserria's NO.2 Capo, and he ran the biggest bootleg and prostitution rackets in New York, They had exporters and importers, Warehouses full of Scotch, Gin, Bourbon, Lawyers on 24 hour call, and complete control of all the local police, and The Brothels. Masseria hated anyone that wasn't Sicilian, and as Lucianos crew was mostly non-Sicilians (Meyer Lansky, Bennie 'Bugsy' Siegal, and a new Jew, Louis 'Lepke' Bulchater, Frank Costello was Calabrian, and Vito Genovese, and Giuseppe' Joe Adonis' Doto were Neapolitans), Masirria told Luciano to get rid of those Fucking hebes, But he was not going to give them up.

A few years back the other Don of New York Salvatore Maranzo had approached Luciano, to join him, but Luciano had turned down the offer. So in the late 20s Luciano was kidnapped, some think it was police looking for a payoff, some think it was an Irish mobster who's daughter had been made pregnant by Luciano, But the most likely one is that it was Masseria. Luciano was found on Staten Island beach, he had been stabbed in the throat with an Ice Pick and he had been cut down the side of the face, when the police questioned him, he kept Omerta and said nothing, He survived, and got the nickname Lucky. He had already been planning Massiria's hit in Hospital, when he came out he told his crew about it. So he arranged a meal with Massiria at an Italian restaurant, where they drank fine wine and ate pasta, at about3: 30 when the restaurant was empty they asked for a deck of cards and after the first round Charlie got up to go to the bathroom, while he was in there, 4 men( Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis, Albert Anastasia and Bugsy Siegal) Burst in sprayed him with bullets and drove off, when they found his body he still had the ace of spades in his hand, which is said to be an unlucky card. It was a traditional mob hit, fill the targets belly then ambush him.

Now there was only one obstacle, Don Salvatore Maranzno. Maranzno had established himself as the boss of bosses, at a banquet held at the banquet hall of the Grand Concourses in the Bronx, at the meeting Maranzano, organised the La Cosa Nostra in a way that it will and has been organised, he divided it in to 5 Families, He gave Tom Galino the former Reina turf, He gave Luciano Masseria's turf, but Lucky would still have to answer to Maranzo, and he gave the 3 remaining turf's to Joe Bonnano, Joe Profaci, and Vincent Mangano. Salvatore also made a few rules, non Sicilian's would not even be allowed to be associates, and he set up the commision, Maranzano set up New York just the same as Ceaser had set up Rome, but Luciano dreamed of A modern Syndicate sheltered by Lawyers and Accountants. Maranzano least expected that everyone he had appointed had given their loyalty to Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano.

On the 9th of September, after months of careful planning, Luciano set into the assassination of Maranzano. Luciano had found out that he and some of the other new bosses were going to be killed. The next day Luciano and Vito Genovese were asked by Maranzano, At the meeting Luciano and Genovese were to be killed by the torpedo, Mad Dog Cole.

Knowing that Maranzano was under suspicion of tax evasion, Luciano hired 4 men from Meyer Lansky. They came into Maranzanos offices, dressed as Federal Agents lined Maranzano and his 6 bodyguards up against the wall and asked for Maranzano to step forward. He asked how he could "help" them, 2 of them went into his office with him and stabbed him to death just as Caesar was. The guards ran away and Luciano and Genovese never turned up.

Luciano was now Boss of New York, he made some changes, he allowed Jewish and Irish mobsters not to be members but associates, and he added Consiglieri, to the family structure. From 1931 to 1936 he lived the life. Everyone wanted to be near him- Politicians, doctors, lawyers, and entertainers. Every night he ate at his favourite restaurant, the Villanova, where he would wine and dine with stars such as Jimmy Durante, Bobby Clark and Louis Armstrong. He would be joined by others in the restaurant, Tommy Luchesse, Albert Anastasia, Vito Genovese etc. After dinner he would enjoy expensive Italian Ice cream, and then say ciao to his guests. Then they would go up town to his offices where he would discuss Hijackings, rackets, loan sharking extortion etc. with his capos. He lived in the best suet in the Waldorf hysteria hotel. He had complete control of the prostitution in New York, he had 10,000 prostitutes working for him.

But his luxury didn't last long, in 1936 Thomas E. Dewey launched an investigation into Lucky's Prostitution ring, in 1939 Charles 'Lucky' Luciano was charged with 90 counts Extortion and Prostitution. He was still treated like a king in prison, He had a private cell, curtains over the window, a pet canary, a stove where he cooked Italian Food, Bribed prison guards, A tailor made prison uniform, and round the clock bodyguards. In the exercise yard, prisoners lined up to polish his shoes.

In 1941 the U.S was bought into the World War II. Costello had contacted Luciano and told him an idea Anastasia had worked out with his brother Tough Tony. All the Dockers had been talking to the mobsters about security, they were scared about all the talk about German U-boats all along the Hudson River, the dock was in great danger. So they figured a sabotage that would scare the whole navy. They would sabotage the French liner the SS Normandie- a ship that was being turned into a troop ship for the allies. Luciano thought it was a great plan. Within 24 hours the liner whas completely wrecked and gutted, it was obvious that German spies had done it. That's when the Government approached the Mafia. They went to Joseph 'socks' Lanza, the boss of the Fulton fish market, for help on the waterfront. Socks could only help them so much, because there were areas that were blocked to him, Luciano had personally set up, so the Government would be forced to come to him, Luciano agreed but only if his sentenced was reduced.

The deal was made, all along the docks long shore men were to help the navy with securing the harbour against German U-boats, all on the say of Luciano.

When the war ended he was deported to Rome, all of the New York Mafia showed up on the pier, Profaci, Anastasia, Bonnano, Genovese and 2 fast rising Mobsters Tommy Luchesse and Carlo Gambino.

He stayed in Rome for a year, then started to creep back to America, He managed to get into Cuba where he held a huge meeting with some of America's top Mobsters, Bugsy Siegal, Longy Zwillman, Vito Genovese, Albert Anastasia, Carlo Gambino, Vince Mangano, Myer Lansky, and Al Capones Cousins Rocco, Charlie' Wagons' and Joe Fichetti. Frank Sinatra came and entertained them. After Luciano's death, in his home a gold cigarette case with to my pal Charlie from Frank ingraved on it, and pictures of Luciano with his arm round Sinatra. In this meeting Luciano got in to an argument with Bennie about $6 million Charlie had invested in Bennies casino which resulted in Bennie's death a few months later. The D.As soon got wind of Luciano in Cuba and put him in forced retirement, in Italy. In 1962 Charlie had arranged to meet a film producer, interested in making a film on the Mobsters life, in the lobby, he started shaking, grabbed his chest and collapsed on the floor, many believe it was a heart attack but many think it was poison in his coffe.

Luckys grave in New York