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Frank Costello


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Francesco Castiglia
A.K.A. Frank Costello, Irish,The Primeminister, Mr.Schedule, Uncle Frank

Frank Costello

For all the Brawn in the Mafia, Costello was the brain, he could sort out explosive disputes with out leaving a pile of stiffs behind, Don Vito Corleone, from the Film and novel The Godfather was based on him, instead off buying guns, he bought Politicians, He was so powerful he even had J.Edger Hoover in his pocket.

Costello was born in Consenza Italy, his Family Immigrated to America in 1895, His family Kept him in a huge Cooking pot on the Boat ride There. They moved to the Lower East side of Harlem, New York. Like most mobsters Costello was involved in crime from an early age, in 1915 when he was just 14, he became head of the 104th street gang, his first crime was robbing his land lady, he was arrested several times as a youth for assault and robbery but released each time. Once Costello was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, and because of his past Record, the Judge sentenced him to a year, When he was realised, He vowed to never carry a gun again and make money with his brains.

In 1919, he and harry Horowitz set up the harry Horowitz Novelty Company, At the time there was a craze for PunchBoards , a gambling game, where the odds were always tilted in the favour of the operator, the cost was between a nickel and a quarter, there were 300 holes, in each was a piece of paper, if the paper had the correct number, the punter would win a prize, usually a KewPie Doll provided by Costellos company.

When prohibition Started, He, with the help of his old Friend Arnold Rothsthein, (Who ran a huge Bookmaking operation through out new York, and fixed the 1919 baseball world series), set up a 40Million dollar Bootlegging Business. He organised it well, He had A selling office, a Brewing department, a library, everything. He would Ship it over seas in small boats, so they wouldn't be detected, he had men in Aeroplanes fly over them too protect them from getting hijacked. Disaster befell Costello, when he along with 59 other men including his brother Eddie, were arrested on 3 December 1925 in what the New York Times Described as the smashing of a 40 million dollar Liquor ring. The United States Department of justice was suitably modest by calling it the greatest round-up in the history of Prohibition. On 3 January 1927 the Costello Brothers Were tried. Eddie was acquitted on the direction of the Judge and, after two days of deliberation, the jury in Franks case disagreed. He was not retried.

In 1928 Costello, Decided that Prohibition was coming to an end moved in to the slot machine business. He set up little illegal stalls, where kids could waste there Quarters on the machines, he also 'Persuaded' Store owners to have them installed. By the end of 1928 he controlled over 5,000 in New York alone. He set up many stores Like Butchers and grocery stores where in the back rooms there would be Card and floating crap games. In 1929, the Atlantic City Crime Convention was held, where Mobsters from all across America came Too discuss matters. Here Costello Told Al Capone who had just Pulled off the St.valentines Day Massacre, too get himself arrested and stay in jail till the heat blows off, Capone did as he was told and served almost a year for carrying a firearm. Despite His new wealth and Power, Frank was not considered a high ranking Mafiosi. He joined up with Charlie Luciano again, Luciano had become a capo in the Giuseppi'Joe the Boss' Massiria Family, so Costello made many political contacts which helped with the crews many operations, including Gambling, Bootlegging and Prostitution, it also helped Frank become a made member of the family.

In 1931 when Luciano took over and became Capo Di Tuti Capi, he named Costello his Consiglieri, while the rest off the family concentrated on making money and Take over, Costello did favours for politicians and bought protection from the police, soon the Syndicate needed protection from the Feds. There are a few stories of how Costello got the protection, the most reliable and believable one is that Hoover had a gambling habit, and Costello ran the tracks, so Hoover would make $200, $500 or even $1000 bets and Costello made sure he won. the other more unreliable story is that Costello got hold of photos of Hoover in dresses and participating in Homosexual Activities. So Costello used these to Black Mail Him.

Soon, Costello wanted to expand his Business and bought shares in gambling Casinos, with Meyer Lansky in Havana, Benny Siegal in Vegas, and Paul 'Skinny' D amato in Atlantic city. Costello set up many of his own gambling operations in New York, and became the Gambling Czar of America. In 1939, 'Lucky' Luciano was sent to Prison and he named Costello Acting Boss. In 1941 Costellos Political contacts became very handy. When Abe'Kid Twist'Reles, the Star Hit Man for Murder inc became the Star Informant for the FBI. When Reles was about to inform on The Head of Murder inc, and the top Capo in The Mangano Family, Albert Anastasia, Reles fell out of a two story hotel called the half moon. There were many stories his death, that he was trying to escape for some Bizarre reason, or that it was a practical joke gone Horribly wrong. But all these stories were just a front for what actually happened,. Anastasia was scared that it might be his down fall so he asked Costello if he could silence him, Costello used his contacts to find out where Reels was being held and then bribed the guards $100,000 to push him out of the window.

In 1946 Lucian was deported to Italy, and Costello became Official boss and Vita Genomes was back and wanted to join forces with Costello. Also Around the time, one of Costellos Political Puppets was caught with him telling him about his undying loyalty:

Gangster Backed Aureole For Bench!

In the wake of the January 1943 murder of Italian-language newspaper editor Carlo Tress, Manhattan District Attorney Frank S. Hogan had received permission to tap the telephone of Frank Costello at his Central

Park West apartment. "We really didnt think Costello had anything to do with the murder of Tress, but we thought we might pick up some information as to the identity of the killer," Hogan stated. On the night of August 23, the Democratic Party nominated Aureole for Justice of the Supreme Court. At 8:35 the following morning, Aureole telephoned Costello:



Aureole: Good morning, Francesco. How are you, and thanks for everything.

Costello: Congratulations. It went over perfect. When I tell you somethings in the bag, you can rest assured. Well, we will have to get together, you, your Mrs. and myself, and have dinner some night soon.

Aureole: That would be fine, but right now I want to assure you of my loyalty for all you have done. Its undying.

When Costello and Aureole found out, Aureole turned against Frank, and so did other Political leaders, even some Of his Close Friends. Frank became seriously depressed. He had to seek the help of a Psychiatrist, the psychiatrist told him too mix with better people, So he did. He held Dinner parties, at his country house, Set up Parties at the Copacabana Club, he used long words, and met up with authors and reporters. This mixing with high class people also helped him with his Connections. Costello had a Nick name Mr. Schedule. This was because he did exactly the same thing everyday, he would get up with his wife Bobby, in his apartment in Central park West, he would then Make his own breakfast, be driven to his office, where he would sort everything out, then he would go for a shave at the Waldorf, before walking to the zoo to watch the Animals be fed, he would then go to a fancy Manhattan Café for Lunch, go back to his office, then go to one of his favourite restaurants for Dinner .1951, Anastasia returned his Favour by Assassinating his own boss and boss, Philip and Vince Mangano, which then made Anastasia boss and then backing Costello. So with all the Judges and politicians in his pocket, Don Anastasia Backing him up with all the muscle he needed, And control of all the gambling in New York, Costello was the most powerful boss in the Syndicate. He also owned the CopaCabana club in Manhattan, where he let Frank Sinatra Perform when his Career was going down hill, and he got Sinatra the Main part in a film called From Here To Eternity in 1952, which Boosted Sinatras Career and put him back on top .Frank repaid the Favour by opening up Casinos in Vegas which Costello had interests in and performing at them. When Vito Genovese came to him and asked if he could move in to the Narcotics business, Costello turned him down, saying it would be to risky and he would lose his political connections (The scene was later used in the Godfather when Virgil Sollozo comes to Don Corleone for a investment in the Drug Business). In 1951 the Kefauver Committee, started to make a crack down on organised crime, Questioning Top organised crime leaders across the country. When they questioned Costello he requested that they only film his hands, all you could hear was his raspy voice and see his hands do the famous finger ballet. when his Lawyer suggested that he didn't wear $500 suits, he replied "I would Rather Lose the case then walk into the court room wearing a cheap suit".There was one problem in the Kefauver Hearings, that was Don Willie Morreti, the Boss of New Jersey, he was suffering from Syphilis. so all the Mob bosses didn't want him to slip up, so Costello arranged with Anastasia the hit. Anastasia, complained of back pains at his new Jersey Home and so got Morreti to drive him to the hospital, the Perfect alibi, while Anastasia was in the hospital Morretti was killed.

When The arrogant Vito Genovese returned from Italy, he wanted a big piece of the pie, so in 1957 he planned the assanation of New York's two top Dons, Anastasia and Costello, first he went for His own boss Costello, He got Vincent Gigante to do the Job, a particularly dumb and cocky hood, Vincent waited in the lobby of the hotel that Costello was staying in, when the lift came down and Costello stepped out, Vincent pulled his gun and shouted "This is For you Frank!", hearing his name Costello turned his head just as Gigante pulled the trigger, The bullet hit costello in the head,pierced the skin and came out the top of his head, Gigante left Costello for Dead.

Costello was furious about the hit and suspected Albert Anastasia. He had a sit down with Genovese, Carlo Gambino (Anastasia Underboss), and all the other bosses of New York. Anastasia was paranoid that everyone was trying to kill him, and so was killing any one in his way, they all agreed this would stop. Costello also announced his retirement, but that he would still attend sit-downs and have his say in Underworld matters. Genovese persuaded Carlo Gambino that Anastasia was in his way of being powerful and treated him with no respect, and that if he killed Anastasia, he would become Don of Anastasia Family. Gambino ordered the hit and became Don, And Genovese Took over from Costello. Costello was arrested for Tax evasion, and a year later Don Vitone was arrested with Drug Trafficking. They started having Quarrels in prison about the Hit Attempt, and so Costello arranged a sit-down, and agreed peace, Costello was Released 3 years later And lived the peaceful life in his long Island home until he died peacefully 20 years later. Carmine Galante later blew the doors off of his tomb to show that he was the Boss of bosses and that the old ways had gone.