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garbage disposal racket


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This is a good racket to move into, cos it's legit, and you don't have to get your hands dirty,But behind the scenes it's a whole different storie.

Garbage men who go around residential areas, like houses, they're free, cos they get paid out of tax money.Buissnesess like stores and companys have to pay for there garbage to be taken out. So what you do is own all of the garbage dumpsters and trucks in your city, or your Neighberhood, and you rent them out to the buisnesess. You get control of the Garbage disposal racket by buying all the trucks and dumpsters there are, and not letting the other garbage companys set up a buisness, and if a store wants to take out there own trash, you don't let em, If they need a dumpser, then you just buy one and rent it out to them, And you can charge whatever you want for it.Also you turn a blind eye to whats in the dumpsters, So do the truck drivers, they get paid well for that, There not Made or connected or anything, just normal drivers. The whole thing is Legit, you pay taxes on it, but it becomes sucsesful ilegitimately, through muscle and corruption.