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Bookmaking is the base of the mob. Every Family is in to it, whether the Feds know it or not. It's been in the mob ever since people started Immigrating to the US. It was the main buisness before drugs moved in and got big, plus unlike drugs, there isn't so much heat, and the law dosn't mind it as long as they get there piece of the action.

Now first you need some capitol. So save up a big pile of dough, and invest that. You can either have a pocket book or a premises based book. A pocket book is one you run with out a front, you just use a phone and a note pad. A premisis based Book is one where you have a front and an office which you operate out of.Now if you want a premises based book, buy a store, like a grocery store, or a social club or something, a store is probaly best as it's noty so shady and you can sell hot stuff out of it like stolen booze and food out of it. Another option is to rent an apartment and run it out of there with a special type of phone that dosn't ring so it dosn't arouse suspicion, but all the feds have to do is to listen and hear you say hello without a ring and your busted. Get a desk and a few phones, you'll have you and a few guys answering them and taking bets, and a few guys on cell phones, get all the daily odds and sports events on a big sheet on the wall so people can read em, also have up and coming sports events up there so people can bet a week or so in advance. Hire some guys to collect debts and to hustle bets on the street, and some people workingin the front, the guys working the front arn't made or connected or nothing, but they know what gos on out back. Now every morning when you get there phone vegas and get there odds and put them on the board, and then put your odds on. Now with the your odds the punters can win more, but they can also lose more, for example Vegas says that the odds on the Dallas Cowboys beating the san Fransisco 49rs is 5-1, and they bet $10, if the Cowboys win they get $60, but if they lose they lose their $10, but your odds on the Cowboys might be 8-1 instead of 5-1, and if they bet $10 and the Cowboys win they get $90, but if they lose then they lose their $10 plus and extra $80 in interest. Now punters can have their own bank, they give you say $500, they can phone up when ever they like and bet however much of that they like. If some one dose have a bank, or just makes bets over the phone, get a couple of guys help you deliver winnigs, and collect loses, and if the they need to use the art of persuasion to get the dough. These guys can also work on the street, hustling bets. You'll find that people will want to take out loans, so they can pay debts owed to you, and make a loan on top of a loan. You should make the interest of these loans high,(More info on the loan sharking page).