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This is my favourite food related scenes in some of what I think you'll agree are the greatest mob movies in ever made in Cinema history, If there are some scenes not included that you would like to see on hear, contact me and I believe I could arrange something

The Godfather: This is a deleted scene (available on the bonus disc of the Godfather trilogy box set). On the way to the place where Capo Peter 'Fat Pete' Clemenza and his no.2 Rocco Lampone whack the double crossing snitch Paul 'Paulie' Gatto, Clemenza tells Paulie to stop because he has to phone underboss Santino 'Sonny' Corleone. Pete walks round the corner and into a restaurant, where all the staff gives him much respect, and treats him to a plate of pasta marianara. When he returns and Paulie asks what took him so long, Clemenza replies "Sonny was biting my ear off".

Goodfellas: When the boys are having a sit-down out the back of the cab stand in 1956, and the young Henry Hill and his mob pals are serving up a feast of barbecued sausage and peppers.

Boss of Bosses: While the two FBI surveillance agents are watching the Castellano estate they complain "Were out here getting indigestion while there in there eating steaks like medieval war lords", Big Paulie Castellano's body guard brings fresh espresso and cannoli to there car.

Godfather II: At Anthony Vito Corleone's Holy Communion Frankie Pentangeli complains about the waiter bring him a ritz cracker with liver and a can of peas, he then shouts "bring out the sausage and peppers! Where are the sausage and peppers!"

Godfather: Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Public Enemy: When James Cagney shoves a grapefruit in his moll's face at breakfast. Years after that Cagney was all ways presented with half a grapefruit when he went to dinner at a restaurant.

Little Caesar: At the beginning when Little Caesar (Edward G. Robinson) tells his pal to stop hitting it big over spaghetti and espresso for two.

Getting Gotti: During Gotti's trial for racketeering, he and the boys have a massive feast of Italian food in the court house the DA trying to put him away says, "You can smell the garlic from here to Philadelphia".

Goodfellas: In the scene where Henry Hill takes Karen to the Copacabana. They don't take the long queue but they go round the back of the club, through the kitchen and into the main room, where they are greeted by the owner, who orders waiters to fetch a table, two chairs and a table cloth, and places them at the front next to the stage.

Godfather: In the scene where two Sollozo hit men shoot Don Vito Corleone while he buys fruit from a Little Italy grocery store across the street from his HQ, Genco Olive Oil. This scene was based on the murder of original Gambino family head Frank Salice, when Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano was taking over New York.

Goodfellas: On Henry and Karen's first date Henry seems to be a little on the edge. He rushes through his meal and gets up to leave with Karen while she and Tommy complain that there not even staying for Coffee and desert.

Godfather: When the 5 Families go to war, and the boys are hitting the mattresses, they cook piles of spaghetti while Francis Ford Coppola's Dad, Carmine Coppola plays the piano.

Goodfellas: On the way to the burial site of Billy Batts, Henry, Jimmy and Tommy stop at Tommy's Ma's house to get a knife, they accidentally wake her up and she insists on fixing them a full Italian dinner.

Godfather: While The Corleone crew are deciding what is to happen with Sollozo and the Tatagllias, Fat Clemenza teaches Mikey how to cook pasta source, as he says, "Hey kid come over here and learn something, you may have to cook for fifty guys one day!"

Goodfellas: This is great. When they boys are serving time, they have a stock of Italian food, cooking tools, and booze. Paulie cuts garlic so thin with his razor it disintegrates when it hits the oil, Vinnie makes gravy with two many onions, and Henry openly takes and deals drugs in front of the guards.