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The Genovese family was founded by Charles'Lucky'Luciano in 1931, he was arrested for extortion and running the biggest Prostituition ring in New York in 1939. Frank Costello became acting boss and then became Don in 1946 when Luciano was deported to Italy. Veto Genovese became Don in 1957 when he ordered the hit of Costello, costello was shot in the head but survived and so retired. Genovese was arrested on drug charges in 1958, when he was set up at the Famous Apalachin meeting in 57 when it was raided, most of the bossess and Mafiosi there blamed him for the raid. Tommy Eboli became acting boss until 1969 when Genovese died in prison, Frank Tieri became Don in 1972 and then the same year Anthony'Fat Tony' Salerno became boss. Fat Tony died of diabeties whilst serving 108 years in for the commision case in 1987. Then Vincent Giantie, the Hit Man In the Costello Hit, became boss he was arrested in 1998 and Dominick Cirillo is currently acting boss.
Current Stats

Current members: approximately 300 members and associates
First Don: Charles Lucky Luciano
Primary activities:
Arguably the most powerful and wealthy crime family in the New York area, and perhaps the entire country, the Genovese family maintains major muscle in narcotics, loan-sharking, extortion rackets, pornography, labor union racketeering, restaurants, seafood distribution and vending machines. They are known for doing everything quietly and for the reserved manner in the way they conduct business.
Boss: Vincent the Chin Gigante, famous for wandering the streets of Greenwich Village in a bathrobe, in an effort to be declared legally insane so that he would not have to face prosecution. Arraigned in 1996 federal murder, labor racketeering and other charges, Gigante is serving a 12-year sentence in a Fort Worth, Texas, prison hospital. He has reputedly delegated many duties but still maintains control of the organization. Gigante is due to be released from prison in 2007.
Acting boss:
Believed to be Dominick Quiet Dom Cirillo after "Farby" Serpico and Alan "Baldie" Longo were busted in April 2001.

The Players


Lucky Luciano

Frank Costello